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Welcome to Rashid Pharmacy!

Rashid Pharmacy is a local family owned and operated Pharmacy and Home Medical Equipment provider. Located at 2404 Avenue L in Fort Madison, Iowa, Rashid Pharmacy is a full service pharmacy. Since 1963, Rashid Pharmacy has been dedicated to providing quality care, because we know there's nothing more important than your family's well being. With a personal touch, the dedicated staff at Rashid Pharmacy take time to get to know you and are never to busy to care. And we are never to busy to answer your healthcare questions. Rashid Pharmacy is committed to providing every patient with fast and friendly service you come to expect from a family owned hometown drug store. Combining old-fashioned values with state-of-the-art technology, Rashid Pharmacy meets or exceeds the standards in quality service and patient safety. We at Rashid Pharmacy understand that long-term success is built on customer satisfaction and quality performance of our staff. 
Last Updated: 1/17/2014
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